The Shoplifters at Arena Stage

The Washington Post

“Stein is suitably callow and buffoonish as Dom…”

Broadway World

“Stein – complete with a whiny voice – is particularly believable as an earnest yet awkward young man who has a lot to learn, but doesn’t quite realize it. Whether stabbing himself in the eye with a pen and dealing with the aftermath or telling Phyllis how to find Jesus, he brings his comedic ‘A’ game, but he never lets those laugh-worthy moments come off as him specifically searching for a laugh reaction for the audience. He expertly uses them to tell us more about Dom.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Adi Stein brings this born-again guard to effervescent life with a youthful vigor.”

Maryland Theatre Guide

“Adi Stein as Dom steals the show as the over enthused trainee. His squeaky voice and comic pratfalls are marvelous and he wears his intentionally ill fitting costume like a champ. Look out for more great things from this young talent.”

Entertainment or Die

“… scene stealer Adi Stein…”

DC Theatre Scene

“Adi Stein grants Dom a gawky fervor, so bouncy and puppy-like we can’t help but like him in spite of his overzealous awkwardness.”

Woman Around Town

“Adi Stein as a young wannabe crusader is a welcome addition to D.C.’s theatre scene whom we hope to see more of in the future.”


“Stein is hilarious!”


“Stein has a gift for physical comedy… Stein delightfully captures the inherent awkwardness of youthful orthodoxy trying to match their demeanor — now playing The Authoritative Cop, now The Charismatic Missionary — to the earnestness of their beliefs. Stein is a local talent, and, coupled with Houdyshell’s unsurprising command of the stage … the two keep the play engaging…”

Metro Weekly

“Adi Stein is pitch perfect”

Alexandria Time

“Adi Stein offers a keen portrayal of the overeager cop with deep psychological issues.”


The Wonderful World of Dissocia at Theater Alliance

The Washington Post

“… Adi Stein, as the top hat-sporting Goat, adroitly fuses goofiness and depravity.”

Broadway World

“… Adi Stein finds some good beats to show his versatility…”

DC Theatre Scene

“… Adi Stein’s shockingly, casually cruel goat—he made my skin crawl (and I think that’s what he intended).”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“… the delightful Adi Stein…”


A Few Good Men at Keegan Theatre

Broadway World

“Adi Stein inhabits the role of Private Downey with compelling skill.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Adi Stein is spot on.”


Body Awareness at Theater J


“Stein is a true find. He burns with keen intelligence, quails with his foibles, and makes them all seem of a piece.”

The Washington Post

“Adi Stein, acting with terse aggressiveness, is especially riotous…”


“Adi Stein is terrific in the part.”

Washington City Paper

“Played with vulnerable pique by Adi Stein…”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Stein is amazingly touching. He moves from being violent and threatening, to brilliant and sarcastic with such ease. He is both humorous and heart-wrenching and makes you want to reach out, hold him tight, and tell him everything will be alright.”

Broadway World

“He’s delightfully human, quirky, compelling, charming, engaging, and honest.”